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“Satu”, “one” in Indonesian language, is a premium swimwear and beachwear brand for men, born in Bali with one mission, to redefine swimwear by alluring fashion interpretations within the context of our modern times and create timeless designs.

The company itself based in Switzerland and the production coming from the Europe.

More about the philosophy of SATU:

“Satu”, “one” : in Indonesian language, is the first number means the beginning, is at the same time something unique but also as a symbol of unity (like one world, one love, one direction, etc). When we talk about unity we also talk about the fact that nothing in life is perfect, nothing is black or white (like the black and white square pattern in bali). That’s why we chose grey as our color. Lining, stitches are grey. Cord has always two colors, grey and the color of the swimsuit (just like the bali pattern), means fairy tale in Finnish language.

We can reconcile these two ideas if we look at the meaning of ‘one’. We think that the idea of ‘one’ is so simple it is child’s play. It comes of as something of a surprise when you discover that in modern mathematics, the number ‘one’ cannot be not defined, but is in fact a rather ambiguous and paradoxical notion. This is actually a problem as old as mathematics; the ancient Greeks did not consider 'one' a number, because by definition a number is a multiple-obvious when you think about it. We can see this in our language; we use ‘one’ to talk about a particular thing, and we use ‘one’ to talk about everything. The word universe, meaning absolutely everything and the words unique and unit all come from the same Latin word, unus, meaning one.