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Did you know that plastics are the most common materials used to produce swimwear? 

Pollution exists almost everywhere in the ocean, and swimsuit material also contributes to plastic pollution in the oceans. The tremendous amount of plastic has impacted marine wildlife, which is our most significant concern as ocean big fans.

We genuinely want to help preserve and protect Mother Earth by enhancing fashion and cultivating the positive impact we can have on our planet in the future. So this is why we present  SATU Menswear in the industry and are ready to enliven the market.

SATU menswear is committed to creating sustainable swimwear to reconnect your body with nature. Our collections are made with an eco-friendly material called 'seaqual' – a high-quality 100% recycled polyester yarn containing recycled marine plastic. We want to reduce the negative impact of manufacturing while ensuring a safe ecosystem for everyone.

By wearing SATU Menswear, you are helping to preserve our magnificent marine ecosystem from further plastic pollution. You will take steps to protect Earth's resources and help to reduce carbon emissions. 

Your convenience is also our top priority. Our collections are crafted with strong attention to detail. SATU menswear is designed with quick-drying material and precise refinements to keep you free from the distracting effects of swimwear. Sewn with durable stitches, you will feel more comfortable.  The elegant cuts can be worn loose or fitted, depending on your mood. 

Timeless design and various solid colours and patterns will also complete your elegant look when the sun shines on your skin.  We believe every man in this world deserves to feel extraordinary when discovering the beautiful golden sands beach.

Relax, we got you covered. Our first batch will be available online for worldwide shipping in July 2022. Follow & turn on your notification to get updates from our Instagram @satumenswear. Let's explore and protect the sea together! 

“My Style, My Signature, My Identity”

SATU; pronounced /sa-tu/, means ‘one’ in Bahasa Indonesia – a  premium & sustainable swimwear brand for men. 

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